Assets received by way of a Trust are not regarded as part of the Trustee’s own assets, and should be accounted for and managed separately from the Trustee’s assets or other trusts, so that under no circumstance affecting the Trustee may the assets held in trust be transferred. Likewise, no circumstances affecting you or the beneficiary may cause detriment to the trust property.

Gomez Law is a Fiduciary Company with a solid international backing, providing a range of fiduciary financial solutions to your needs and managed by professionals with a well-known international background, duly incorporated as Lawyers into the Costa Rican Bar Association and Notaries with studies at both; a Master’s Degree and PhD level in Business Administration, Economics, Banking, and Finances.

TIPS: Ensure an easy distribution of your estate with a testamentary trust.

All of your assets (be them Real Estate, vehicles/movables or simple rights) have a “property title” that defines you as their “owner”. We will set up a Trust that will include the assets that integrate a “patrimony-in-Trust” – be it over Real Estate, movables, corporate stocks and/or quotas, bonds, securities and other similar instruments -, not only providing you with your titles´ protection through a solid and experienced Trust Company.

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