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This form completes the "Know your Client and Temporary Money Management ( Escrow ) Contract” you signed on behalf the entity. You must complete ONE FORM FOR EACH ENTITY’S / CORPORATION’s / COMPANY’s PARTNER that meets the following criteria:

        a. Own 10% or more of the entity’s capital.

        b. Entities where no partner owes more than 10%, then, for the partner holding the higher percentage.

1. INITIAL or sign your name at the bottom of each page. Please sign your FULL signature on the last page in the appropriate box.

2. SEND this preliminary document both printed and signed to G.E.S. by e-mail Please attach a copy of your legal identification used when completing this form.

3. SEND THE ORIGINAL of this document and supporting documentation by courier (FEDEX, UPS, DHL) to the following address:

GLA GROUP / GLOBAL ESCROW SERVICES Escazú, Edificio Fuentecantos San José, Costa Rica